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11. - 17. JULY 2022

Be Green movement

We believe that we should care for what we share, especially planet earth - our home. Since the mountain bike community is directly connected with nature, we are always thinking about the impact our festival has. We wish and kindly ask our visitors to take their part as well.

Our part

  • Ban on plastic in our bars. We only sell drinks in cans and reusable cups.
  • Recycling areas. (mix waste, plastic waste, organic waste, cans).
  • We collaborate with brands and companies which have the same “be green” ideology.
  • We encurage our vendors to use of local slovenian engridients meaning that the carbon footprint is reduced!
  • All tickets are in digital form.

Your part

  • Please follow the signage on our recycling bins to properly dispose of waste.
  • Bring a reusable bottle. If you don't have one, you'll be able to get one in our merch shop.
  • Be a happy camper and leave the camp site as near as possible to how you found it. Leaving waste* or dumping grey water is not part of the Flat Out Days spirit.

In the past we noticed people left behind belongings in the campsite. We incurege people to leave the unwanted, unbroken camping equipment at the entry point so it can be donated or properly disposed.