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5. - 11. JULY 2021

Festival rules

🛎 Entry point //

The festival entry point will be open during these hours:
10:00 - 20:00 Monday
09:00 - 20:00 Tuesday
09:00 - 20:00 Wednesday
09:00 - 20:00 Thursday
09:00 - 20:00 Friday
09:00 - 20:00 Saturday
09:00 - 16:00 Sunday

In case you will arrive outside the official entry point open hours, please send us an email (flatoutdays@battcrew.com) about the predicted time of your arrival and we will give you additional instructions and send somebody to the entry point.
Once you get the festival bracelet, you can go outside the festival and return to the festival by showing the bracelet to our security staff.

🎟 Ticket //

The only place you can buy our tickets is at our webshop: https://shop.battcrew.com. Tickets are issued to a specific person, but you can transfer your ticket to another person. The name transfer must be done at least 14 days before the beginning of the festival. If it is 13 or fewer days before the festival, the name transfer will NOT be possible anymore. In March, we will announce 150 PRESALE discounted weekly tickets for bikers and visitors. In May, the tickets will not be discounted anymore.
A kindly reminder that due to COVID-19, we might have a limited number of visitors allowed at the event. The daily tickets will be sold only if we will be allowed to have more visitors.

🚌 Parking //

There is a limited number of parking spots available for the festival visitors and these will be free of charge if you got a ticket. We advise you to travel in groups and with fewer vehicles to help us with the space consumption, but also because that way you are more environmentally friendly.

🥛 Cup deposit //

To minimalize festival waste we decided to use reusable polycarbonate cups. When you buy a drink from the bar, you pay a 5 EUR cup deposit. If you return the undamaged cup, you get back your 5 EUR. The reason for this deposit fee is mainly the “responsibility for the cup.”
You can demand a return of the deposit at both bars, and get the credit back to your chip if the cup is undamaged. You can also keep the cup as a souvenir, in which case you don’t get your deposit back.

🍔🥗🍻🧃 Food and drinks //

At the festival site, there will be a variety of food and drinks available. IMPORTANT RULE: You are not allowed to take your own food and drinks from camp to the festival grounds! This rule applies also for food and drinks from the campsite!

🗑 Trash //

The moment you arrive, you will receive two trash bags. You will bring the full trash bags to the designated containers and then you’ll be able to get new trash bags at the entry point.
There will be plenty of trash cans and trash bags placed throughout the festival area too. We love nature, so we kindly ask you to be smart about your actions and put the trash into the trash bags, and please recycle.

🔞 Age limit //

There is no age limit during the daytime, but between 00:00 and 5:00, all younger than 16 years need a parent or guardian supervision.
In 21st article in “Zakon o varstvu javnega reda in miru (ZJRM-1)” it is written that between 00:00 and 5:00, all younger than 16 years need to be accompanied by their parents or guardians at all bars, restaurants, and events, where alcoholic beverages are available. This limitation does not imply to bars, restaurants, and events where alcoholic beverages are not available.

❌ Prohibited items and actions at the festival //

- glassware and other dangerous objects
- aggregate
- open fire
- fireworks or other pyrotechnics
- animals (you can bring a dog with you, but keep in mind that it can be off the leash only at the campsite, and you NEED to pick the poop after he does its thing) :)
- drugs
- objects that could be used as missiles
- knives, guns, and all other types of weapons (cutlery is allowed in the camp)

🐶 Pets //

Of all the animals, you are only allowed to bring a dog, but know that your dog must be on the leash at all times. You are required to pick its poop as well. Still, we advise you to leave your dog at home, since there will be loud music during events and in the evening/night, which is not very pet-friendly.

🛍 Festival Merchandice //

At the entry point, you will be able to purchase the festival merchandise, or you can go to our webshop: https://shop.battcrew.com
We appreciate your support!

🎥 Filming //

Filmography and photography is allowed, but some places will be limited without media accreditaion. We kindly ask you to understand that due to contractual obligations. To obtain a media accreditation please contact us.

📸 Photos //

All festival visitors (including minors) fully understand that there will be photography and filming happening during the festival. All video, photo, and audio materials obtained at the festival or at the campsite will be used for promotional purposes of the festival, and for other promotional activities of the festival organizer and their sponsors. Visitors are aware of their presence at the festival (regardless of the type of bracelet) and they agree that by being recorded or photographed, they are not entitled to any monetary or other compensation.

⁉️ In case of canclation //

If we will be forced to change the dates or cancel the festival because of a higher force, all the buyers will get a chance to use the ticket for the new dates of the festival or to claim their money back. In such a case, everyone will be informed by e-mail.
If a person who bought a ticket decides that they can’t come to the festival, they must notify us at least 14 days BEFORE the festival and we will return the ticket money. Unfortunately, if you notify us 13 days before the festival or later, we will not be able to reimburse the ticket.

🦠 COVID-19 precautions //

Based on current situation and precautions, we assume that every festival visitor will need to show COVID-19 vaccination certificate, proof of overcoming the virus, or proof of negative PCR or antigen test that is not older than 48 hours.
We will follow the guidelines of NIJZ and assure that the festival will follow all the necessary precautions valid at the time of the festival.

🗓 Program //

The organizer holds the right to change the program before or at the festival. All the lineup activities are related to weather conditions.

🤕 Risk of injuries //

Each festival visitor participates in the events and is present at the festival at their own risk. Each visitor is obliged to take care of their own safety. The visitors are also responsible for the properties they bring with them. The organizer, Športno društvo BATT, is not responsible for any lost or damaged property. The organizer, Športno društvo BATT, is also not responsible for violations of Slovenian law, theft, injury, or damage caused by third parties during the festival.

⚠️ Promotions //

It’s strictly forbidden to promote your own company or products in the festival area. All non-organized stands, tents, flyers, and distribution of other promotional material are not allowed. In case you would do such promotions around the festival area and during the festival, security would remove you, take your festival bracelet, and by that, you would lose the right to enter the festival again.

⛺️ Camping //

The campsite opens on Monday at 10:00 and closes on Sunday at 19:00. Before you enter the campsite, you need to go through the festival entry point and buy one-day or a weekly festival ticket. After that, you will get the festival bracelet, which allows you to enter the entire festival area, the campsite, or/and includes the shuttle rides. It’s mandatory to wear the festival bracelet throughout the duration of the festival. If your bracelet gets damaged, bring the damaged one to the entry point and our crew will replace it with a new one.

🎟 Daily ticket and camping //

At the moment we're not selling one day tickets due to Covid limitations. If situation will allow, following rules will hold:
It’s possible to camp with the one-day ticket if there is any space left on the campsite, but you will need to leave the festival grounds by 10 am the next morning, or go to the entry point and buy another daily ticket.

❗️Camping rules:
- Camping is already included in the weekly ticket.
- It is mandatory to wear the festival bracelet throughout the duration of the festival.
- You are allowed to bring your own drinks and food. But you can NOT bring it to the festival grounds.
- Glass items are prohibited.
- It is prohibited to bring any dangerous objects.
- You can bring a smaller cooking plate, gas cooker, or a small barbecue.
- The electricity is NOT available at the camp.
- You will have access to toilets and showers.
- You can bring a tent or sleep in a camper/car.
- Be sure to bring a lock for your bikes because we do NOT provide a bike storage and we do NOT take responsibility for your personal items.
- 3 EURO environmental tax is not included in the ticket price.