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5. - 11. JULY 2021

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About the festival

Our vision

Flat Out Days MTB Festival will last throughout the whole week in 2021 in MTB trail center Kočevje. The main purpose is for you to ride and session the park trails with your friends, use a shuttle, or pedal your bike up to the top of the hill. Each day, we will organize different activities where you will be able to participate and have fun. There is also a lake nearby (approximately 4km away), where you can refresh during hot summer days.

After all the awesome riding, you can gather around the big line, grab a beer with your buddies, and enjoy the big jump madness. You will end the day with a music program and great atmosphere, then you'll be right back into action the next day.

Our mission is to connect all MTB lovers and visitors to create awesome memories.

Flat out days

“The best MTB festival in Slovenia”

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Leo Hiltner hitting the first big transfer
BIG LINE session | Photo: Klemen Humar

Bike activities

Everyone can participate

There will be different bike activities going on each day. These will be meant for you to session together with everyone, including the invited professional riders from Slovenia and abroad. The activities will offer you a bloody good time riding, and while some activities include prizes, other are just for pure fun.

Winners of pit stop pumtrack
Pit stop pumptrack winners 2021 | Photo: Klemen Humar

What if you're not a biker?

We got you

If you're not into biking yourself, don't worry, we got you covered with non-bike activities over the week, which are perfect for hanging out.

Guys sliding down the hill
Slip 'N Flip | Photo: Klemen Humar

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