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11. - 17. JULY 2022

Rock on
Alexandre Valls on the 24m jump

Free entrance from 18:00 on
to watch the Big line session and hang out

Join the Flat Out Days family and create unforgettable memories with your buddies.

"This year Flat out days was so good. I think it really shows what happens when you take ideas for improvement from the year before and you’re willing to put in all the hard work to make it happen."

CJ Selig

"The main thing I get here is the riding, it’s insane. You know the vibes and everything, and that’s what I bring with me back home."

Bienvenido Aguado

"We had a super good week in Slovenia and I hope I can come back next year for more of this."

Olivier Cuvet

"After the first run it felt like your local dirt jump spot and we had so many sessions that I’ve lost count."

Iven Ebener

"The crew of riders was really awesome, we really supported each other, some big tricks were there and the parties,... they were insane."

Viktor Novak

What went down in 2021

Watch Aftermovie and Big line session edits.

Things to do on the festival

Find out what is going on for a whole week.

Watch Big line session

For a whole week invited riders have sessions on big jumps. It’s all about good times, supporting and cheering for the riders.

Find out more
Watch Big line session
Ride in the park

Ride in the park

The festival is located in trail center Kočevje. There are 15km of natural and freeride trails, dirt jumps, skills park and an asphalt pump track, appropriate for beginners and advanced riders.

Get on the trails

Participate on activities

Besides watching the Big line session, there are a lot of activities during the day all week. You can participate in activities that include bikes or something in the spirit of summer.

See all activities
Participate on activities
Participate on activities

Chill at the lake

During the day you can cool down in the lake. It is located just a short bike ride away from the festival grounds.

Let's go swim
Alexandre Valls on the 24m jump

See you at the festival

Come for a whole week or just a few days, you'll be a part of the Flat Out Days.

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